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Counter Strike: Source v1.0.0.72 + crystal clear assembly + assembly MyCSS (2012/multi2)

Counter Strike: Source v1.0.0.72 + crystal clear assembly + assembly MyCSS (2012/multi2)
2004 | PC | english/russian | Developer : Valve | Publisher : Valve corporation | 2.13GB
Genre : Action

Counter Strike one of the most popular online games today, has the support network and single game (with bots). But despite the fact that the players appear more modern PCs that support the newer games with beautiful graphics and the advanced physics engine, a lot of people around the world in no hurry to leave the ranks of virtual fighters Counter Strike. First of all, this is due to exciting and favorite gameplay. 

However, anyone who wants to enjoy this game, but with better graphics on a modern engine can always try the Counter Strike Source, which is now being actively developed and is gaining popularity.
The basis of the idea of ??CSS games confrontation between the two teams terrorists (T) and kontrterroristov (CT). Every player entering the game chooses a team for which he wants to play.The purpose of the game to perform a task or to destroy enemy survivor himself. For an assignment, and destruction of the enemy player gets the money that can be spent on buying arms, ammunition and equipment. (The losing team also gets the money, but much smaller).

Version :
Protocol version 22
Exe version (cstrike)
Exe build: 18:27:57 Jun 27 2012 (4981) (240)
RevEmu: Version 9.8.5 of 11.6.2012
UCP: 7.6.1

Main features :
Updated the cheat to the latest version
used original emulator (not the original developer has threatened to block)
You can Usanova own avatar avatars and to see Steam customers.

If your antivirus does not work serverbrauzera blocked, then the list of servers appears only after 20 45 seconds after starting the game.
assembly combines the two assemblies immediately issued previously separately. During installation you can select the required assembly or specify your configuration:
1) build crystal clear based on the original files from Valve, plus emulator stim RevEmu.
2) Build MyCSS is on the basis of crystal clean assembly, but added:
Plug in for quick change nick (name or setname console)
Russian voice bots, hostages and radio
Resources for the dialog box controls replays
Extended game menu with the ability to quickly record and view demos, connect to the server or site community and start the console
Client side anticheat UCP
A set of popular maps (a faster connection to the server and a preliminary study of maps)
3) the user a choice you can choose what to put and what not from the list

Changes in the 72nd version of
Fixed bug allowing customers to spoof your ip address.
Increased protection of servers against DDoS attacks via RCON.
Fixed a bug when sending sprays to clients on Macs.
Fixed loading system cards for customers with poppies.
Reworked the HTML client displays in the Motd box Web page.

Installing and running the game
1) Start Counter Strike Source v.72.exe
2) Specify the preferred language of the installer.
3) Select the folder where you installed the game will be (I recommend to put in an empty folder, not one where you have stood the previous version).
4) Choosing what to put assembly or specify the necessary components for installation.
5) Specify the name of the group for the Start menu, where the labels will be placed the game.
6) Choosing what to put labels on the desktop by default display the recommended settings.
7) After the installation process will be asked for your gaming nickname, enter it, and at the request of a clan ten.
8) Now ustanovochnik request to specify a file to your avatar, which is the usual jpeg image.
9) To start the game use the shortcut on the desktop or from the menu labeled Start

How to change your nickname in the game?
If you installed the plugin quick change nick:
1) Run the CSS.
2) If you installed the extended menu, then click in the menu on the Open Console and go to step 5.
3) Try to open a command console, do this by pressing the tilde ( ~), if opened a great, go to step 5.
4) Activate the Shell, so go to Settings > Control > hit bottom in addition > put a tick in the paragraph to include the command console.
5) console, enter the name and instead of writing your nickname and press Enter.
If the plugin is not installed or if youre in the mode of anti cheat:
1) go to game folder
2) Open up a notepad file rev.ini (y some of it is displayed as rev)
3) We are looking for a string PlayerName and right of the equals sign (=) write your name (most likely the string is at the end of the file.)
3) To enter the Russian nickname, or nick with a special logo to open the file editor Notepad + + or others like it, and, after entering the nick, to convert the file in the encoding of UTF 8 (without BOM).
4) Save the file.

How do I set an avatar?
1) Must use a special version of the emulator, which is present in this assembly.
2) The file rev.ini see [steamclient] should be a record Use_avatar = true unsigned array at the beginning of the line.
3) In the game folder there should be a subfolder where RemStorage will be saved avatars of other players.
4) In your platform (located in the folder with the game) should be your avatar representing the jpeg image with the name avatar.dat, pay attention to the expansion of dat, it is necessary.
5) In your platform (located in the folder with the game) should be the players avatar, do not assign yourself an avatar representing the jpeg image with the name avatar1.dat, pay attention to the expansion of dat, it is necessary.

If the search server is not working ...
If instead of searching for a list of servers from the servers tab Friends, even after 2 3 minutes the field to run the game, then most likely your antivirus has blocked access to sites needed for its implementation, then you need before starting the game temporarily disable anti virus, and after display a list of found servers to include it back in and even then go to the server. If you search for servers is empty, it is likely that the game developers have changed the address of the searcher, to solve the problem Ive found rev.ini open and look for the line Use_hl_master = true (in this assembly, it at the end of the file) and delete the pound sign first line, save the file and try to find the server. If this decision does not help, unsubscribe, and if you are not alone with this problem, then lay out a fresh address.

System Requirements :
Operating system : Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor : CPU with a clock speed of at least 1.7 GHz
Memory : 512 MB ??RAM
Hard drive space : 5 GB
Sound Card : Sound device compatible with DirectX 9.0
Video card : with support for DirectX 9 c 128 MB of RAM



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